9 Best BMX Bike Hubs (Updated 2023)

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If you are a BMX biker, then you should certainly know that wheels are one of the most significant parts of your bike. The wheels keep you moving forward and keep you riding regardless of your style and type of riding. You will enjoy your ride if you improve the quality of your wheels. The chain and crank will push you along, keeping the frame light, agile, and stable. But if you want a great ride, the first thing that you have to do is to ensure that you have a great BMX bike wheelset. You want wheels that can be modified and adjusted when performing stunts. 

Depending on your budget, you will get many types of hubs in the market. If you take BMX bicycle riding seriously then keep reading this article because here we have accumulated the 9 of the finest BMX hubs that will change the way you ride. Doesn’t matter if you are a newbie or a pro, we have suggested the ideal hub for everyone. So let’s not waste any more time and dive in!

Buyer’s guide for BMX bicycle hubs

We are aware that with so many options in the market, it can be quite intimidating to buy the right pair of hubs. It’s necessary for everyone to understand that there is no perfect hub that exists in this world. Each hub has its own unique strengths and weaknesses. That is where we come into play to help you decide which hub best fits your needs. Thus a hub that is ideal for one person may not be appropriate for another person. Don’t trust any sources that generalize hubs saying that only one is the best for all types of riding.

Certainly, there are hubs that any rider can use, but this does not automatically make them suitable for everyone. Our team of experts and professionals haven’t found any hubs that fulfill everyone’s requirements. So keep reading this buyer’s guide where you can figure out which one suits you best.

If you want to have a wonderful time on your BMX bike, your wheelset will need to transition with you. Your hub should be an integral part of the wheelset. You need to upgrade your hubs if you aspire to be a professional BMX rider. You can ride more efficiently with a nice high-quality hub. In essence, you want a good hub that moves the energy from pedaling and overcoming small and large obstacles efficiently.

Naturally, several types of hubs respond to various environments differently. BMX biking often requires you to ride through different types of pavement and that too very quickly. So you need a hub that provides you with the best ability to transition smoothly.

1. Captured bearing vs free axle:

These are two common hub design methods. Captured bearing means strong lateral protection for the inside of the bearing either through the shoulders of the axle or by distances slipping down the axle and bringing the adjacent bearings together. For both cases, a press-fit inside the hub shell or freehub limits the outer layer. In a good hub’s design, the outer caps usually slip and touch the inner race of the outer bearings with no adjustment needed.

2. Material of Hub Shell:

Even if not all manufacturers mention the alloy which they use, a very high strength alloy is used in most companies. And this seems to be a smart idea at first glance. Experts recommend that 6061 is the best choice. This is because 6061 has a higher resistance to corrosion and, more importantly, to what is referred to as stress cracking. The spokes end up exerting a force that is variable & concentrated within the holes of the hub flanges. Durability & solidity is less important compared to ductility & resistivity to corrosion. If an alloy is softer, then it will more easily. Therefore, providing sufficient support for the spokes within the flange is vital.

3. Weight of spokes:

A solution to triple lacing is also offered that can fix the problem by using harder DS spokes, lightweight, less steep NDS spokes & a greater offset of NDS. With lighter spokes, static-stretch increases with a certain amount of tension & results in minor growth in NDS compensation may return to the oblique stiffness usually lost by the use of lighter spokes. Lightweight & aero stainless-steel spokes now offer viable options. Spokes that are stainless weigh about 82% to that of a CX-ray, whereas, titanium is 60%. We try to make sure that the NDS/DS bracing angle-ratio remains 2.0. Because this is considered the best compromise in terms of wheel strength & integrity. In all these cases offset of the DS can be increased a little further and lateral steadiness and resistance against slack spokes improved.

Weight of spokes

4. Mount for Rotor:

Hubs will consist of either a 6-bolt or center-lock mount used for disc-rotors. The differences in weight between the two are almost negligible, with some benefits for grams that is saved or gained since the hub is made up of the rotor & mounting hardware.

Mount for Rotor

5. Axle & spacing:

Are you aware of the axle size that your fork uses? It can be either 20 mm, 12 mm, or 15 mm. Or else, a quick-release 5mm can also be used.

Then there comes spacing. In the majority of cases, you either have a non-boost or boost. In very rare cases you have super-boost. Regular non-boosted spacing is 10 mm in the front-end & either 135 mm or 142 mm at the rear-end. Boosted spaced-hubs tend to be around 110 mm in width at the front-end & approx. 148 mm at the rear-end. It not only raises the distance in-between the flanges, but it also results in pushing the chain line by as much as 3 mm and provides additional space for thick tires. Many hubs today have end-caps that can be easily replaced, this resolve the headache of size and spacing.

Axle & spacing

6. Freehub:

You will have to consider the type of freehub body you need depending on your drivetrain and cassette.

7. Bearings:

These can be consist of cup & cone pointed contact bearings or sealed bearing cartridges; depending on the brand of hubs you go for. Cup & cone bearings make use of loose ball-bearings that are placed within a cup into the hub & pressed inside using a cone. As the wheel starts rotating, the ball rotates smoothly in-between each structure. It is extremely easy to service them and even a kid can do that. The only thing that they require is a chunk of fresh grease but you need to be a little bit more engaged while tuning the pressure of the bearing. The hub has the ability to damage the interior of the bearing pressure is too loose. If it’s a bit too tight, then the bearing won’t be able to spin freely & the hardware has to go through excessive wear.

Whereas, for cartridge bearings, all that’s necessary is packaged within a sealed unit. That means you’ll be able to replace them with ease & it won’t require any additional tension adjustments. Although, it is a little harder to service them. To break open, you need to are required to delicately take off the waterproof seal and then proceed with removing the old grease. You will also need to get rid of the degreaser & pack all of these using fresh grease before you go on to replace the seal. You need to make sure that you don’t end up folding or damaging it during this process.

The replacement of sealed bearings is also more costly.


Our Top Pick

Our hardworking team has researched for weeks to bring you the list of hubs that are worth buying and investing your money in. Each hub that we have selected has its own distinct qualities and are good in their own ways. But among these, we have chosen the Shimano DXR BMX bicycle hub as the “Overall best choice”. After hours of brainstorming, we decided to pick this one as the best. 

Shimano DXR Front BMX Bicycle hub

Double contact seal to shutout water and mud | Overall best choice

The Shimano DXR Front BMX Bicycle hub is the ultimate in reliable and durable front hubs. From the ultimate BMX group set 36 notch pawl engagement on the freehub body for fast acceleration due to instant power transfer, this hub will transfer your bicycle into a living beast. The hub makes use of slanted contact bearings that have been specially designed for cradling the balls, this giving both radial & oblique support for enhanced strength & durability. This is essential for real-world riding conditions where every ounce counts. It’ll also allow you to make precision bearing adjustment & carry out easy maintenance.

Double contact sealings shut out water and mud from bearings. This extends the lifespan of the hub, also maintaining a smooth operation. 


  • The steel axle is strong and durable with 100 mm over locknut dimension.
  • Available in 32 and 36 hole drilling.
  • Anodised aluminum hub shell with a hard-wearing and high polished finish.
  • 36 notch pawl engagement for fast acceleration.
  • Ultra-smooth Borozon treatment bearing races provide a low friction rolling action.

Here is a quick view of the best bike hubs for your BMX bike:

HubGearsOur Rating
SHIMANO DXR Front BMX Bicycle Hub36 notch pawl100
Black Ops MX-1100 BMX Hubs1s FW/FW94
Sturmey Archer Track Rear hubS3X Fixed Gear98
Eastern Bikes Freecoaster BMX Ezra Hub9T Driver94
Odyssey Hub Rear Clutch V2 Free9T Driver80
Cult Bikes Freecoaster9T Driver71
HUB RR BK-OPS9T Driver76
KHE Bikes Greyhound Freecoaster Street9T Driver95
Eclat Cortex Front Hub with Hub Guards9T Driver85

How our selected BMX Bike Hubs compare

HubsPreviewHub materialBearingAxleGearsFreewheel type
SHIMANO DXRSHIMANO Cycling DXR Front BMX Bicycle Hub HB-MX71 Bolt on with Quick Engagement & Anti Pop Freehub Body - Spoke Holes 32H / 36H - 100mm Old - 36HAnodised aluminium hub shell with a hard-wearing high polished finishStainless ballSteel axle is strong and durable with 100 mm over locknut dimension36 notch pawlFreecoaster
Black Ops MXBlack Ops MX-1100 BMX Hub, 36 x 3/8 / Short Flange/Rear Flip - Flop, BlackAluminumSealed bearingB/O 3/8″1s FW/FWFlip-flop hubs
Sturmey ArcherSturmey Archer Track Rear Hub, 32H - Black Anodized - HBT30.RUAC.BA0.BX 106061 Aluminium hub shellSealed cartridge bearingB/O 3/8″S3X Fixed GearFlip-flop hubs
Eastern BikesEastern Bikes Freecoaster BMX 36h Ezra Hub, Matte BlackForged then CNCed from 6061T6 alloyFully sealed bearings4130 Heat Treated Hollow Chromoly Precision CNC axle9T DriverFreecoaster
Odyssey HubHUB RR ODY CLUTCH V2 FREE CB 14mm-3/8 RHD 36 BK2014-T6 aluminum shellSuper-durable bearing arrangementOversized 17mm female axle9T DriverFreecoaster
Cult BikesCult Bikes Freecoaster 36h--14mm-9t Driver RHD Black Rear Bicycle HubALLOY HUB SHELLCustom needle bearingHEAT TREATED HOLLOW 14MM CHROMOLY AXLE9T DriverFreecoaster
HUB RR BKHUB RR BK-OPS MX2000 BO 1s9tDRIVR 36x14 BKAlloySealed bearings14mm axle slotted to 3/8`9T DriverFreecoaster
KHE BikesKHE Bikes Greyhound Freecoaster Street 10mm 36H Bolt (Gray)AluminumACB bearings14mm axle made of CrMo9T DriverFreecoaster
Eclat CortexEclat Cortex Front Hub with Hub Guards 36h 3/8 Female Axle Black6061-T6 alloy refined hub-shell2 sealed high-quality bearings3/8″ Female9T DriverFreecoaster

9 best BMX hubs that you can buy today


Double contact seal to shutout water & mud | Overall best choice

SHIMANO DXR Front BMX Bicycle Hub


  • Hubs: Anodised aluminum hub shell with a hard-wearing high polished finish
  • Bearing: Stainless ball
  • Drilling: 32H / 36H
  • Axle: Steel axle is strong and durable with 100 mm over locknut dimension
  • Gears: 36 notches pawl
  • Freewheel type: Freecoaster

Features we liked about this product:

  • Induces speed: 1-speed compatible with 112 mm over locknut dimension
  • Superior design: Anodised aluminum hub shell with a hard-wearing and high polished finish.
  • Low friction rolling action: Thanks to ultra-smooth Borazon treatment bearing races.
  • Strong and durable: Because of the steel axle and freehub body, these strong hubs will be durable enough for many years.
  • Smooth in all-terrain operation: Even in the toughest terrain, the double contact sealing shuts out water and mud from the bearings to extend service life and maintain smooth operation.
  • Fast acceleration: 36 notch pawl engagement on the freehub body for fast acceleration due to instant power transfer.
  • Long service life with low maintenance.

What we did not like:

  • Cost: It might not be affordable for everyone.

For a faster and smoother ride under all terrains, SHIMANO DXR BMX Bicycle Hub should be your ideal choice. This hub is the perfect combination of good design, quality control, reliability, and service system. Each feature has the potential to be a top choice in particular applications. We know that when you buy a hub you take into consideration many aspects like price, weight, resistance, durability, ease of service, branding and looks. That is why we suggest the hub that matches with your rim selection and intended purpose of the wheelset. 

Durability is one important aspect and also the most difficult to nail down. But hats off to SHIMANO DXR for their production as they have successfully pulled this off. A perfect hub needs to have a balance between the weight and being thin or some weak parts. But you will be glad to know that this hub has maintained this balance quite gracefully. 

The fast acceleration also comes as a blessing for people who like adventure and spice in their life; 6 notch pawl engagement on the freehub body for fast acceleration due to instant power transfer is the reason for that. Even in the tough conditions and atmosphere, the double contact sealing shuts out water and dirt from the bearings to extend service life and maintain smooth operation. 

“This is the ultimate hub in terms of durability and reliability.”

SHIMANO DXR Front BMX Bicycle Hub

SHIMANO DXR Front BMX Bicycle Hub

2. Black Ops MX-1100

Instant engagement freehub

Black Ops MX-1100 BMX Hubs


  • Hubs: Aluminum hubs
  • Bearing: Sealed bearing
  • Drilling: 36H
  • Axle: B/O  3/8″
  • Gears: 1s FW/FW
  • Freewheel type: Flip-flop hubs

Features we liked about this product:

  • Budget-friendly: This affordable BMX hub will be friendly for your pocket.
  • Colors: It is available in 3 different colors so you can choose according to your preferences.
  • Instant engagement: Instant engagement freehub extends technical riding ability.
  • Safety: Ensures optimum performance and maximum safety.
  • The spare parts are easily available.

What we did not like:

  • The hubs offer lower rolling resistance.

The Black Ops MX-1100 BMX hubs are one of the lightest that you will find in the industry. The hub keeps the perfect balance of performance characteristics efficiently. With a standard axle diameter which increases oblique stiffness. It also consists of a significantly wide flange spacing since there are straight-pull spokes. All in all, the hub is designed into a rigid, lightweight & smoothly-rolling wheel. 

The straight pulling spokes are less prone to breaking compared to a j-bend. However, they can turn out to serve enhanced hassle to be dealt with in case they actually break. This is considered a solid hub since it features an exotic build quality, that too with a decent weight & comes at a fair price. It is virtually striking with proper support within the shell. The bearings feature an exceptional load rating, even though the hub happens to be quite lightweight. 

It is certainly a durable hub and can handle all sorts of different lacing options including heads in radial. Also, it’s functional and resists compression from the skewer in all but extreme cases. There are almost no problems reported while using these hubs. This is undoubtedly one of the recommended hubs for you if you want to have it all, while at the same time, have the right balance between weight and performance. 

Black Ops MX-1100 BMX Hubs

Black Ops MX-1100 BMX Hubs

3. Sturmey Archer

6061 aluminum shell w/ sealed cartridge bearing

Sturmey Archer Track Rear hub


  • Hubs: 6061 Aluminium hub shell
  • Bearing: Sealed cartridge bearing
  • Drilling: 32H
  • Axle: B/O  3/8″
  • Gears: S3X Fixed Gear
  • Freewheel type: Flip-flop hubs

Features we liked about this product:

  • Material of Hub Shell: 6061 is the best choice for the alloy. This is because 6061 has higher corrosion resistance, and more importantly, what is called stress cracking.
  • Racing and stunt riding: The gear is ideal for rough riding and long-lasting performance.
  • More control: The flip flop hub gives more control so you can use the pedal pressure to slow down or give you extra push; whichever you need according to the circumstances.
  • Low friction: The bearings cause low resistance so that you can ride effortlessly.

What we did not like:

  • It’s notchy at first but with use, it becomes smoother.

Sturmey Archer Track, 32h – Black Anodized rear hub is classic perfect for someone who is looking for some adventure in their life through stunt riding. Even if the alloy that they tend to use is not indicated by every manufacturer, many companies make use of a highly durable & solid alloy. This seems like a smart idea at first glance. 

Many people tend to think that the stronger is better. However, we believe that 6061 could be the best choice in certain applications. This is because 6061 has higher corrosion resistance, which is called stress cracking. There are spokes that exert strong, coordinated forces at the holes in the hub flanges, and less significant consideration is high strength than ductility and corrosion resistance. The bearing is fully sealed and hence free of spinning and will stay smooth.

➥ If you want to check more fixed gear hub, you can check ou best selections for Track Bike Hubs.

Sturmey Archer Track Rear hub

Sturmey Archer Track Rear hub

4. Eastern Bikes Freecoaster BMX Ezra

Durable & w/ hardened chromoly

Eastern Bikes Freecoaster BMX Ezra Hub


  • Hubs: Forged then CNCed from 6061T6 alloy
  • Bearing: Fully sealed bearings
  • Drilling: 36H
  • Axle: 4130 Heat Treated Hollow Chromoly Precision CNC axle
  • Gears: 9T Driver
  • Freewheel type: Freecoaster

Features we liked about this product:

  • Smooth wheels: The wheels will always run smoothly and the freehub provides a satisfying buzz that is not loud. 
  • Oblique stiffness: The hub’s geometry produces a laterally stiffer wheelset.
  • Hassle-free: It has solid dimensions and a trouble-free design. Therefore it is a great choice for a daily rider.
  • It has a very high load capacity on its bearings, a fine axle size, and a great flange spacing.

What we did not like:

  • The hub must be precisely adjusted or else there is a possibility of a preload or excessive play.
  • Pricey

The Ezra Freecoaster BMX hub is simplistic and makes it a state of the art and enduring freecoaster hubs of all time. A freecoaster hub is designed to help you pull off difficult freestyle tricks while rolling backward. The outstanding internal gear hub offers an impressive range and low maintenance for adventurous rides.

You can ride tens of thousands of miles with this beast without facing any issue. Get the best of both worlds by having a long-lasting performance as well as a classic stunt enhancer. Also, the axle makes it pretty easy to set up without any help from someone. Each hub provides a couple of bearings to support the axle but is carefully positioned to minimize drag. Also, the hubs’ geometry is improved to produce robust and laterally stiff wheels. 

Eastern Bikes Freecoaster BMX Ezra Hub

Eastern Bikes Freecoaster BMX Ezra Hub

5. Odyssey Clutch V2

Maximum strength axle design

Odyssey Clutch V2 Free


  • Hubs: 2014-T6 aluminum shell
  • Bearing: Super-durable bearing arrangement
  • Drilling: 36H
  • Axle: Oversized 17mm female axle
  • Gears: 9T Driver
  • Freewheel type: Freecoaster

Features we liked about this product:

  • Long-lasting: The 2014-T6 aluminum hub shell makes them last for years, looking brand new.
  • High static capacity: For a hub at this weight, it has plenty of large bearings and a high static capacity. All credit goes to larger axles and bearings than previous models. 
  • Additional stiffness: ⅜” heat-treated chromoly axle bolts with 17mm wrench flats and a 6mm hex slot; all of these features provide extra stiffness to the rear wheel. 
  • Reliable: The bearing arrangement makes sure it stays true to its potential during stunt riding.

What we did not like:

  • Not the lightest hub you will find in the market.

Odyssey is back in the industry with a boom with its rear clutch hub and is better than ever. If you put aside a little money daily, then in no time you can save up for a brand new hub. That way you can achieve something significantly better than your old hubs suddenly breaking up and you being helpless. It’s better to invest in a good quality hub than to spend money in an entire new mediocre wheelset. This hub despite being lightweight has plenty of large bearings and high static capacity. All thanks go to larger axles and bearings than previous models. 

We give a 100% honest opinion. So, you can rest assured that we won’t suggest anything to you randomly. This Clutch V2 model contains bearings that are extremely durable and very easy to service. That means you don’t need to take out your toolbox every time you come home from a stunt ride. Many people blindly buy hubs from specific brands thinking they are the only top-notch quality. That is so not true. Expensive doesn’t always mean it’s better. Sometimes with proper research, you can find something that is both affordable and satisfies all your needs. 

“It also includes replaceable plastic hub guards.”

Odyssey Hub Clutch V2 Free

Odyssey Hub Clutch V2

6. Cult Bikes Freecoaster

Features an additional thrust bearing behind the clutch

Cult Bikes Freecoaster


  • Hubs: Alloy made Hub Shell
  • Bearing: Custom needle bearing
  • Drilling: 36H
  • Gears: 9t driver
  • Freewheel type: Freecoaster

Features we liked about this product:

  • Affordable: It came as a surprise because it is cheaper than other freecoaster hubs in the market with almost the same specifications.
  • Saves weight: The new 14mm chromoly having a hollow center axle makes it quite lightweight.
  • Reduce drag: The hub consists of a thrust bearing right behind the clutch which uses needle bearings for reducing drag during back-pedaling. 
  • Maximum strength: CNC machined alloy hub shell gives it the utmost strength so that you can enjoy your ride to the fullest.

What we did not like:

  • If you tighten the bearing it may break but if you don’t the whole wheel will be loose.

This unique looking hub is a product of Cult Bikes, who have done some serious research and development before launching this new freecoaster system. Many riders have been curious upon its release and tried their shot with this. So according to the expert’s and professionals’ opinions, we have come up with this review. Bearing drag is another common confusion among cyclists. The more drag a wheelset has, the more it is trouble for cyclists. But Cult has solved this problem by using clean, lubricated, properly aligned, and adjusted ball bearings to keep the drag almost negligible.

This stable street freecoaster went through vigorous experiments and only then labeled one of the best BMX hubs in the industry. With a heat-treated CrMo 14mm hollow axle and large bearings, you can use this to give your wheelset a revamp. The hub has an additional thrust bearing directly behind the clutch that makes use of the needle bearings for reducing drag while you are pedaling backward. Also, it features CNC machined aluminum made hub-shell. Also, it consists of a 1-pc chromoly with a driver that has a needle bearing. Lastly, the sealed-radial ball-bearing offers optimal strength. The new chromoly-made hollow center consists of a 14mm axle that makes sure the hub doesn’t become too heavy.

Cult Bikes Freecoaster

Cult Bikes Freecoaster


Angled flanges & four bearing design



  • Hubs: Alloy
  • Bearing: Sealed bearings
  • Drilling: 36H
  • Axle: 14mm axle slotted to 3/8`
  • Gears: 9t driver
  • Freewheel type: Freecoaster

Features we liked about this product:

  • Durable: The alloy used to manufacture the hub makes it hard-wearing and long-lasting.
  • Smooth riding: The accurate varying degrees of the quality bearings makes the ride very smooth.
  • No grime can get in: Because of the sealed bearings, the grime can’t get in and wear down the moving parts.
  • Quick engagement: The 4 pawl Cassette driver body makes it quicker to engage than others.

What we did not like:

  • You need different tools in your possession to change the sealed bearings.

Hub RR BK delivered its promise by making one a kind hub for BMX bicycles. This sealed bearing hub doesn’t need adjustment as compared with cone and ball bearing hubs. You also don’t need to replace the bearings every few months which is a great relief. They are not wobbly and worn out, and the front wheel will feel extra smooth after its installation. 

They have also outdone themselves in terms of design. Also taking into consideration the issues with the previous version of their hubs, they are now more reliable and also an excellent choice for a light hub that is also reasonably priced. The hub has been in a sweet spot for many weight-conscious riders because of its price, weight, and features. 

It’s strong with a large bearing capacity. You don’t need to run from shop to shop because it is very easy to service.



8. KHE Bikes Greyhound Freecoaster

Comes with external adjustable gap

KHE Bikes Greyhound Freecoaster Street


  • Hubs: Aluminum
  • Bearing: ACB bearings
  • Drilling: 36H
  • Axle: 14mm axle made of CrMo
  • Gears: 9t driver
  • Freewheel type: Freecoaster

Features we liked about this product:

  • Street riding: Easy adjust system with Allen key into the axle, makes it ideal for street riding.
  • Easy to disassemble: You don’t need to disassemble the entire wheel from the bicycle frame.
  • Appearance: The finishing and overall visual appeal are quite commendable. 
  • The hub axle sits in the dropout to offer more support for light street use. 

What we did not like:

  • At 632g, it can be quite heavy for some riders.

Over 30 years of experience have enriched BMX riding with many important patents and innovations, making KHE bikes the oldest BMX company in Germany. There is nothing in this hub to not like about. Pretty decent bearing size and it spins very smoothly. With an Allen key into the axle, you can change your freecoaster external gap by an easy-adjust system. There is no need to disassemble the wheel from the frame. This hub is specially built for street riding.  

This is a strong and reliable hub for the top tricking BMXer. This freecoaster model by KHE makes the most of its aluminum construction and ACB bearings. Now you can easily show off and impress people on the streets and around the park. This excellent hub, designed with 36 spoke holes and a nine-tooth sprocket will give you a bigger range of movement as you improve your freestyling skills. 

KHE Bikes Greyhound Freecoaster Street

KHE Bikes Greyhound Freecoaster Street

9. Eclat Cortex w/ Hub Guards

2 sealed high-quality bearings

Eclat Cortex Front Hub with Hub Guards


  • Hubs: 6061-T6 alloy-made hub-shell
  • Bearing: 2 sealed high-quality bearings
  • Drilling: 36H
  • Axle: 3/8″ Female
  • Gears: 9t driver
  • Freewheel type: Freecoaster

Features we liked about this product:

  • No internal friction mechanism: They have taken the previous system and modified it to use x3 friction points which are not only incredibly resistant but also stable. 
  • Strong: It doesn’t cause an extra-large load on bearing and prevents them from becoming weak and loose. 
  • Reasonably priced: You don’t need to sell a kidney to upgrade your BMX bicycle.
  • Lightweight: The alloy used for the hub shell keeps the hubs quite light.

What we did not like:

  • J bend spoke creates a weak spot prone to fatigue.

When everyone asked for a simple, long-lasting slack setting freecoaster hub, Eclat Cortex came up with something that attracted everyone’s attention. The Eclat Cortex Freecoaster tackles all the problems which previous hubs have been infamously afflicted with in the past in the tried and tested clutch style internally. 

Clients requested a hub with a large slack setting so that the Cortex comes out with a slack crank just under ¼, which is entirely adjustable and can be decreased dramatically by the introduction of small spacers behind the clutch, which are part of the hub. 

The Cortex removes the traditional freecoaster balls and springs and replaces them with coil spring and a polymer ring that gives smoother operation and longer life. Even after 2 years of heavy testing, their team of riders did not face any problems. You can also get this available in RSD or LSD.  

Eclat Cortex Front Hub with Hub Guards

Eclat Cortex Front Hub with Hub Guards

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the difference between freecoaster and cassette hubs? 

Ans.: Are you confused between a freecoaster hub and a cassette hub? Don’t worry! We have got you covered. We will discuss both of these in detail so you can understand their pros and cons and which one to pick for your BMX hub. 

A freecoaster hub permits you to ride back without pedaling, which also implies that you can ride at a higher speed. If you want to show tricks and impress people then freecoaster hubs are a must-have. You don’t have to time your balance with the alignment of the pedals before you jump, which is a very important factor for timing. 

Also, many dirt riders use a cassette hub because they need to be able to get full throttle from the first stride. They must also have faith that when they take their feet off in the air, their pedals don’t move. Tricks such as tail taps are often much simpler with a cassette hub rather than a freecoaster.

difference between freecoaster and cassette hubs

Q2. What are the best BMX rims?

Ans.: G Sport is very popular in the BMX world. They make several different types of rims; which are very useful for BMX riding. They are designed to keep things light but reliable and also able to endure harsh conditions.  The spoke holes on a G Sport Ribcage rim uses patented, reinforced ribs to effectively hug the spoke nipples.

They also eliminate the possibility of a pull through. Rim wall dents are also another common occurrence when it comes to BMX rims. G Sports has come to fix this problem by thickening the side walls whilst taking the material off the other walls. 

best BMX rims

Q3. How can I make my BMX hub louder?

Ans.: Several forms are used by most of the riders to make their hubs louder. To achieve that you need to get your hands a little bit dirty by taking your hub apart and then cleaning out some of the hub greases which will increase the noise the hub pawls will make when the wheel is rotating. 

Do this sparingly to maintain the quality of the hub and to increase its sound. A more aggressive solution is to bend out the springs underneath the hub pawls. This induces extra tension inside the hub, which ultimately makes your hub louder. Doing any one of these things can adversely affect the lifespan and efficiency of your hub. 

Check out this video for more details –

Q4. How can I make my BMX faster?

Ans.: Always keep in mind that a bike that is kept clean, is undoubtedly one that is fast. Provided that you keep mud & grime away from the drivetrain & cables, mostly during winter seasons, then, it’ll cause your BMX to be more efficient & also help save you a lot of money in the end on replacement parts.

A chain that is properly lubed, will help in making sure that your drivetrain keeps working efficiently. Therefore, the work you put in would not be going to waste, due to mechanical inefficiency. Moreover, the quantity of grime that is accumulated within the chain during wet riding conditions, will also decrease, significantly. 

You can also lower the front-end. All you need to do is, just get rid of the fork and take out the spacer, or two. Then proceed with replacing the stem, while making sure to put the spacers back on.

A not set to the appropriate height of a saddle will cause pain and even cause discomfort but also make the pedal stroke slow down. The efficiency of your pedaling strokes will decrease markedly and you won’t be able to get the optimal power using these pedals. So always ensure that the height of your saddle is right.

Watch this video for details –

Q5. How can I make my BMX bike lighter?

Ans.: The left brake is practically useless and it will slow you down. So you can take it off. You can also take off both brakes if you want to go faster. However, due to safety reasons, this is not recommended.

Get a lightweight sprocket and frame. It may be the main reason your BMX bike feels heavy. Your sprocket may be too wide or your frame is too heavy. And try to use 2pc bars. Seek to invest in a new frame. 

Many parts make your bike weigh more like your reflectors, chainguard, and kickstand. If you want a lighter BMX bike then take them off. Again this option enhances risk. So it is upto you to decide between safety or a lighter bike. 

Do not let your bike get drenched as rust adds mass to your bicycle. 

For a visual overview, watch this tutorial –

Q6. What size BMX do professionals ride?

Ans.: Depending on your size & weight, BMX bikes are customized, for its frame size, length of its top tube & the size of its tires. Usually, professionals tend to ride bikes which consist of a top tube having lengths between 20.5″ to 20″. As for shorter riders including kids, lengths of the top-tubes are generally 18″ to 20″. So you can go for them according to your height and mass.

Q7. What should be the gear ratio for my BMX hub? 

Ans.: Now that you know what components are available, you can take into account the size driver’s sprocket. For a 20” BMX bike, the standard gear ratio is 2.75:1. This implies that the front sprocket is 2.75 times larger than the rear sprocket. Also, the rear wheel will make 2.75 rotations for every full rotation of the cranks. For several years, the norm was 44/16 for BMX bikes. 

The bike will be difficult to accelerate, but it will also be easy to keep a high speed in case you ride a combination that is much higher than that. The bike accelerated rapidly and top-out easily, with a ratio far lower than 2.75, and you will keep rotating without going anywhere. 

If you have a flip-flop hub, your options are a little bit restricted. You can run a 13t freewheel and a 36t sprocket and have the same old ratio of that 44/16 setup. You have a wide range of gear ratio options with a BMX cassette hub. Many cassette hubs have the option of a two-piece driver with 12t and larger drivers. Or a one-piece driver with 11 teeth and as low as 9t on most hubs. Several hubs are as small as 8t.

Q8. How can I make my freehub quieter?

Ans.: To silence the freehub, at first remove one of the three pawls. Then adjust the tension for the remaining two pawls so that they don’t clang against the engagement teeth very hard. Then lubricate the pawl engagement points on the hub with lithium grease. At last, reassemble the rear hub and you are good to go. 


The center part of the wheel is the hub. This is the wheel component which helps the wheel to spin and rotate on its own axis. The cycle chain must surround the sprocket and the chain can be secured in this way. Then the shifters and the crankset will allow the bike to advance. This is one of the essential parts for high performance. So the next time that you are looking at bikes for BMX riding, you will find that it is essential to have a good set of hubs to complete your bike. 

Every BMX bike is driven more from the hub of the rear wheel than the hub of the front wheel. It will allow you to ride backward instead of pedaling to keep going. When it comes down to hubs for BMX bikes, you can rest assured that if you get high-quality hubs, your bike will undoubtedly be the better one, compared to your competitors. 

One of the major trends in hubs is that they have more space known as boosting space. This is why the 148 mm hub size is becoming more popular. The change in the width of the hub makes a few crucial things possible. One of these is that you can use wider tires which are easier to manage. Another is that the chainstays differ and usually are not functional as regular frames.

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