9 Essential Mountain Bike Accessories (Updated 2023)

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Hold on cowboy! Going to start your next ride on a mountain bike? Here is Dion’s list of 9 must-have mountain bike accessories. The list also includes essential mountain bike kits you should carry and a kit bag to carry those kits.

Riding is no fun without the right gear both for you and the bike. Bike accessories are designed to make the ride more convenient for you especially when going for road trips. Mountain bikes are used for strict or harsh terrain which means that you will have to be well geared up for the journey. The type of gear you have will also determine how you will get out of sticky situations. Mountain biking is a dangerous affair especially if you are hitting treacherous terrain. This is also one of the reasons why you should never do this riding alone. Having someone with you ensures that you get help whenever you need it. It is, however, a lot of fun working with the best tools of the trade. You get to ride further, faster, and better. Here are some things you should have in your arsenal.

9 Essential Mountain Bike Accessories

5 Mountain Bike Essential Kits You Should Carry

1) Mini Pump

Pro Bike Tool Bike Pump

Pro Bike Tool Bike Pump
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Getting stuck on the roadside or at some outback is not fun at all. You need to be well prepared for tire burst and punctures as well as the loss of pressure. A repaired tire will still need to be pumped back to get it into action which means that you will need a good pump. Regular pumps will not only break down but use considerable amounts of energy to get the tires up simply. An arm pump is not a good idea for mountain bike tires. A high-powered minimum, on the other hand, will get you back on the road in a jiffy. You, of course, will need tools to get the puncture sorted before you can put in the air into the tires.

2) A Digital Pressure Gauge

The wrong pressure in the tires will often cause challenges along the way. Your tires are not only likely to wear faster but get damaged easily. You will also have to spend more energy to create motion. Well, inflated tires have a smooth rolling effect for better speeds and performance. A mountain bike will encounter rough terrain at some point which means that your tires will have to withstand uneven pressure. Low pressure in the tires will cause the tire to hit the rim quickly when one passes over a sharp rock damaging the tire. Good pressure will allow the tires only to roll over the rocks and perform even better on the open roads. The best way to maintain pressure is by ensuring that you mark the pressure using a gauge. Using the measure whenever you feel like the tires are losing pressure critical. You can then add more pressure using a hand pump as well as repair holes if any.

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3) Multi-tool with a Chain Breaker

Riding without the right tools is asking for a long hike home with your bike on your shoulders. The best multi-tools will include a screwdriver or a set of the same and wrenches. The more options, the better for you. Remember to have a chain breaker for repairing the pins. Most multi-tools will not come with this option which is why you should ensure you carry one. Bikes can spring surprises no matter the kind of chain you have on. A few extra links are also handy in times of crisis.

4) Bike Cleaner

A good bike cleaner is ideal. This may sound a little obvious but not if you are a pro. A decent bike will always give you more. The Muc-Off cleaner is one of the best options in the market allowing you fast cleaning action wherever you go. It also lathers well and does not end up needing lots of water to wash off. Use running hose water as opposed to high-pressure cleaners. You want your lube to serve you for longer, don’t you?

5) Portable Repair Stand

A repair stand is not only needful but crucial. It is stressful having to fix your bike while laying it down or propping it against a rock somewhere. The stand allows you to access the bike at all angles making the repairs faster and more convenient.

Don’t Forget to Carry a Mountain Bike Kit Bag (The Rider’s Duffel)

Riding without a place to store your personal effects is not wise. The duffel bag comes with all sorts of pockets allowing you to store all your items conveniently. The duffel bag has compartments that are installed with a lining that is both water and dirt proof. This allows you to store wet smelly clothes and socks and a nice clean change of clothes into the same bag without affecting either. The zips are also designed for easy access to your items. The bag is an ideal all-in-one storage space for all your bike gear in the house, keeping untidy clutter well organized.

Canway Sports Gym Bag, Travel Duffel Bag

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Carry Some Spare Top Notch Tires

Premium tires will take you a long way when it comes to riding mountain bikes. Continentals have a good reputation and will set you back $65 which is not bad for peace of mind. Cheap tires will not only lose the treading fast but also wear out to the wires. Tubeless tires are more durable and can be easily carried even as an extra. They are also easier to install as compared to the tubed ones. Go for bikes that have proper treading for better traction. This will also depend on the terrain that you will be riding on. A thorough check of your tires is wise before long rides to ensure that you do not get surprise-bursts. Any form of degradation needs to be dealt with by buying new tires. It is not worth risking getting stuck on the road due to worn-out tires. A small cut will go a long way to causing trouble.

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Bike Rack

The best bike rack on the market is worth buying especially if you have spent a lot of money on your bike. Do not be that guy who sets up a $100 rack for an $8000 bike. Stinginess will lead to you watching your bike through the side mirror bouncing off cliffs or scattering on the road behind you. A good rack will not only secure your bike firmly but allows you to handle some bike options. The Yakima Holdup rack is one of the best choices in the market. Bike racks can also be easily stolen which is why you need one that can be bolted onto the vehicle. One with proper fastening will also be ideal. Take time to shop for a good rack especially if you have a good bike.

Carry The Best Bike Lube with You

Some extra lube is good for your bike. You may never know what you will run into. Broken chains and extreme weather will affect the lube. Being able to re-apply some lube on your chain links and gears will be a good thing especially if you are on a long ride.

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